Keypad Lock Screen WatchDog


Keypad Lock Screen WatchDog is an application for protect your mobile phone and tablet from third persons with spy camera capturing. Screen unlock is impossible without correct password. Access will be granted only when you enter right Passcode.

Protection Mode (WatchDog):
If anyone tries to unlock your phone with wrong Passcode, this app will capture their photo using the front camera and alert you when unlock successful. This app will send the thief/intruder’s photo to you by e-mail also (Premium Feature).

For the first time use, Keypad Lock Screen WatchDog will ask you to set new PIN. You can set Passcode by enter Passcode on keypad. If You want change lock screen pin number click Set PIN.

Keypad Lock Screen WatchDog offers:
✔ 100% Full Screen without notification bar
✔ 4 Digit Passcode
✔ Slide page and Keypad same iOS design
✔ Quick use with skip Slide page
✔ Capture the photo by using the front camera
✔ Show photo history who try to use your phone
✔ Previous unlock notification will show the date-time when last successfully unlocked

✔ Show/Skip Slide page
✔ Set Passcode with PIN
✔ Show/Hide Date and Time
✔ Set Vibration on key press
✔ Choose beautiful wallpapers
✔ Set text color as you want
✔ Use custom wallpaper from your gallery

Protection Setting:
✔ On/Off Protection mode
✔ Show Previous Unlock message
✔ Set maximum number of wrong attempts after which the photo will be taken

Premium Feature (In-app purchase):
★ Random keypad position (More secure)
★ Sound Alarm when someone tries a wrong PIN
★ Send the thief/intruder’s photo to your registered mail
★ Quick Screen off from Widget
★ Ads removed

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Tips :
* This application needs front camera in your mobile to work properly.
* IF lock screen not active just open Keypad Lock Screen WatchDog app and exit to reactivate.
* Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder in your mail, if you didn’t get the email in your inbox.

If you have a question, fill free to contact our email address in English.