UnTouchedMe Free

UntouchedMe Free

UnTouchedMe is a complete anti-theft app for protect your phone and make the theft surprised when someone has touched your phone! Plus quick on/off app as service by widget at the home screen.

App feature :
• Your phone will sound an alarm when someone pickup it.
• The display will light and show the message that you set.
• Your phone will alarm until you put the correct code.
• All buttons are locked and cannot do anything.
• If the phone was turn off while still alarm and after turn on it will alarm immediately again until you enter the correct code to stop it.

*** 100% home and back key button lock ***
*** Quick activate or deactivate by widget at the home screen ***
*** One click for activate and run as background service ***

You can settings for Unlock code, Alarm, Flashlight color, Message, Sensitivity, Activate, Deactivate, timing of detection while app running and Choose from these alarms sound such as: Air Raid Siren, Police Siren, Burglar Alarm, Car Alarm and more…

This app is not designed to find your device as the general apps. Because it has very little chance you will get it back, if your phone has stolen.

You can also use this app to find your phone on the bed or sofa, just activated “UnTouchedMe” then you hit the bed or sofa couple times you will found your phone surely.


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